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  • These 750ml Pressol Household Bottles are our personal favourite mixing bottles. We have to thank Matt from Obsessed Garage for introducing these to the rest of the car care industry. The natural HDPE plastic makes it easy to see how much product is inside and the cone design is stunning. What is the difference between our 750ml Pressol Industrial and Household bottles? The main difference is of course the design, but also the trigger tube - These bottles contain a double action industrial sprayer trigger head, however, the draw tube is not suitable for high pH and acidic chemicals. It is a static tube and is not weighted like what is standard on the Industrial bottles, making these bottles more suitable for lighter chemicals such as Yum Interior, Glass, Detail Spray and Ceramic. We stock the 750ml Pressol Industrial Triggers separately which will also fit this bottle.
    • Bottle Dimensions - Height: 31cm, Base: 10cm
  • Glass✚

    Most people forget about glass when detailing their cars, however, glass sealants are very important as it is the key to keeping the windows clean & ensuring better visability whilst driving. Glass✚ is a powerful hydrophobic sealant that has been designed to repel dirt & water, causing it to bead up & roll away whilst driving at high speeds without the use for window wipers. Packaged within a foil pouch, Glass✚ is contained within a 50ml glass bottle with a dripper lid, making sure the super concentrated formula isn't over applied. Also included inside the package is a YumCars Block Applicator. Use in conjunction with Yum Glass & our Utility Towel, to ensure your windows stay cleaner for longer & for maximum protection, re-apply every 3 months. INSTRUCTIONS
    • After ensuring the glass is fully cleaned & decontaminated using a Clay Bar, & Yum Glass, simply apply a few drops of Glass✚ onto the applicator provided & apply in an up & down left to right action, ensuring even coverage.
    • Allow to cure for 60 seconds.
    • Apply a fine mist of Yum Glass onto the surface or onto our Utility Towel to remove all residue.
    • Watch the video below to see how easy the application really is!
  • Yum Glass

    Yum Cars vehicle & car glass cleaning solution. Glass cleaning made easy. Streak free guaranteed! Safe to use on all factory and aftermarket tinted windows. ✔️STREAK FREE CLEAN GLASS - Glass cleaning made easy. Streak free guaranteed! Our glass cleaner is safe to use on all factory and aftermarket tinted windows and works great on both the inside & outside of your glass. The added bonus of this UV stable formula along with the amazing bubble gum scent mean the experience of using our glass cleaner will be just as great as the results it produces. ✔️MULIT-PURPOSE SAFE FORMULA - Yum Glass also works great on navigation screens, mirrors, plastics, acrylics, flat screen televisions, smartphones, sunglasses, shower doors & all the glass mirrors & windows around your home as well! Use alongside the YumCars Utility Towel for an effortless, streak free performance. ✔️ECO FRIENDLY FORMULA - Yum Glass takes advantage of new breakthroughs in polymer technology to create a cleaner that contains no harmful or harsh chemicals, cleans effortlessly even in unforgiving conditions & features optical clarifiers that help improve clarity and visibility. The eco-friendly formula is safe to use in the home, around pets & children with no harmful additives that are bad for the environment or your family. ✔️EASY TO USE - Simply spray on and wipe away using our utility towels. Our anti-hazing formula will remove those bug splats, tree sap, bugs, fingerprints, road grime & bird droppings from the outside windscreen & any haze, oils & film from smoking or vaping from the inside. Either way, Yum Glass will leave your glass clean & streak free! ✔️SPRAY TRIGGERS INCLUDED - Our ergonomic stylish triggers come included with each 250ml & 500ml product which are fully adjustable to ensure the ultimate user comfort & perfectly fine mist.