STIFF BOARS HAIR ultra dense brush

Detailing Brushes

These brushes are perfect for those areas that may require heavier cleaning action, whether that be on the interior or exterior. These chemical resistant brushes are completely safe to get wet and use with a range of cleaners. The quality and reputation of Detail Factory is second to none and we believe these boars hair brushes are the best choice available for use on the more stubborn areas that require an extra ‘bite’ of cleaning action to remove.

  • Made with a metal-free construction to prevent accidental damage.
  • Suitable for areas that require heavier cleaning action.
  • Makes light work of the dirtier tasks.


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Product Details

These brushes are suitable for many uses, on many areas, although we personally wouldn’t recommend you to use them on the paint or on any sensitive areas, as the stiff bristle construction could potentially cause scratches on delicate surfaces.

We like to use these brushes on the more stubborn areas found inside engine bays and exhaust tips, or on any nuts and bolts where dirt and grime can become trapped and lodged over time. They also work well on textured interior plastics found on pedals and in boot linings.

The large black handle has an ergonomic profile with a textured grip which reduces fatigue in the hand whilst using.

Like with all of our Detail Factory brushes, they all have excellent agitation power and they are built to last. They are there for when our ultra soft brushes just aren’t up to the stubborn task.

Brush Size

  • Length, including bristles: 25cm
  • Brush head bristles: 4cm (l) x 4cm (w)

Care Instructions

  • After use, rinse thoroughly with water.
  • Gently squeeze to remove excess water.
  • Hang brush upside down to dry between uses.



Boars Hair Detailing Brush


In stock


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