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Amazing beading and protective power!

This SI02 spray on ceramic sealant will create an incredibly slick glossy surface that will repel water, allowing for easier maintenance of your vehicle!

The bottle pictured is 500ml in size.


Yum Ceramic is a spray on ceramic sealant that increases the protection and gloss of a ceramic coating even further but can also be used as a standalone sealant as well.

This spray on SI02 protection has amazing hydrophobic properties, creating an incredibly slick surface that beads and repels water, making the dirt and road grime more difficult to stick to the vehicles surface.

Durable, high shine and easy application method.

Yum Ceramic can be used on various exterior surfaces including paint, chrome, trim and glass.


Ensure the vehicle is clean, washed, rinsed and dry before applying Yum Ceramic.

Less is more – Sparingly spray Yum Ceramic over a panel to be treated or spay directly into YumCars ultra plush microfibre towel.

Using a YumCars ultra plush microfiber towel, spread Yum Ceramic evenly over the surface. Flip the towel over or use a second towel to lightly buff away all residue. Repeat this process for all exterior surfaces.

Apply to wheels last.

Pro Tip

This product will work best on a clayed and polished surface that has already been treated with a ceramic coating.

Do not use if your vehicle is hot to the touch and work quickly if using in direct sunlight to avoid streaks or spotting.


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