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Complete Bucket Package


This is the ultimate bucket package tailored for the individual who requires a full complete set of the necessary buckets and accessories that come with them.


For the people who like the complete solution and set, this complete single bucket package contains everything you need to safely wash the car and store the bucket in a safe manner.


When it comes to the size of the bucket, bigger is better! Our buckets hold a massive 24L of wash solution, reducing the chances of grit and dirt coming to the top of the bucket.


After testing many different sizes and styles of bucket we have found that this 6 US gallon ( 23 L ) bucket is the best money can buy. It is slightly tapered at the bottom which means once you insert the grit guard in, the tapered bucket will hold the grit guard under pressure without it moving or falling out when you empty the bucket.


This bucket is 90 mil thick which ensured the best rigidity and strength, also once you add the gamma seal lid to the top the bucket will not flex under pressure.


This packages includes:

3 Buckets

3 Gamma Seals

3 Grit Guards

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Additional Information

This complete bucket package includes:

3 buckets

3 gamma lids

3 grit guards


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