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Complete Bucket Package


Let’s get this out of the way and just say this package isn’t for “normal” people.

We are guessing many of you are particular like we are.  For us, there is no question this is the system we want.  Attempting to build this bucket system over years of effort, we would be embarrassed to add up how much we’ve spent.  This is the culmination of trial and error that solves all of the problems we had with buckets for washing cars. We’ve  fallen on the sword figuring this out and you can benefit by just clicking a button.

If you are willing to invest in this level of quality, my guess is you are willing to watch the long video above.  It best explains the story behind this and how to assemble.

Key Points:

  • After buying and testing over 30 different bucket sizes, types, colours, manufacturers; we have decided these 6 Gallon, 90 mil buckets made in the USA are the best for this application.
  • Gamma Seal lids are really nice to have. They look great and allow you to seal up your buckets when needed.
  • Grit Guard inserts pressure fit about 2″ off the bottom of the bucket.


This package is specifically designed for the people who need complete sets. 3 buckets are necessary for the whole detailing process:




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Additional Information

This complete bucket package includes:

3 buckets

3 gamma lids

3 grit guards


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