DOUBLE TWIST LOOP super absorbent


The twist loop technology is the best solution for guaranteeing the maximum absorbency of standing water after the final rinse. Our Korean manufactured towel has a different level of quality and longevity which you will not find with cheaper alternatives. This towel will 100% guarantee you more absorbency over a longer period of time.

  • Size: 70cm x 90cm.
  • 530 gsm.
  • More than capable of drying 2+ vehicles at a time.


Product Details

Our Drying Towel is extremely safe to use following a contact wash and we cannot emphasise how important quality microfibre is and you really can never have too many.

It is a complete misconception that you cannot use a drying towel as it will scratch your paint. We do always advise using air to dry your vehicle, but we also understand that this is not possible for everyone. Without any protection on a vehicle, air can be a long drawn-out process and not everyone has access to a machine or the time. There is no better satisfaction than throwing a towel on a vehicle and watching it guzzle up the standing water and being dry in seconds.

Let’s face the misconception that a lot of people have that a drying towel is bad on the paint – Firstly, if you have decontaminated and washed your vehicle correctly, you will have a perfectly clean surface to dry. Secondly, our microfibre is the finest, highest quality, premium microfibre available, which cannot be compared with poor quality and cheaper alternatives which of course will cause marring.

Care Instructions

With correct love and care, our microfibre range will last you years to come.

  • Like with anything new, we recommend to wash all microfibre towels straight out of the packet as they have been handled during the manufacturing and packaging process.
  • Always wash with the same towel colours – Colours can always run, especially when new.
  • Wash with the same towel groups to prevent contamination – For example, do not wash with a dedicated Wheel and Tyre Towel (please!).
  • Wash using the YumCars Wash MF, a dedicated Microfibre Wash, to keep your towels lasting longer.
  • Wash no higher than 40°C.
  • Air dry or tumble dry on a low heat setting.
  • Place on a cool machine spin once dry to revitalise the fibres.

Drying Towel



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