✔️EDGELESS MICROFIBRE UTILITY TOWELS -These towels come in handy for the tougher detailing jobs, so you can keep your special YumCars Ultra Plush Microfibre Towels out of harm’s way! Featuring a white microfibre, this towel will show all the dirt and grime picked up from cleaning or wiping . Grab a few of these utilitarian towels & be amazed at all the uses you will find for them!

✔️WE DON’T CALL THEM UTILITY TOWELS FOR NOTHING – You will find so many uses around your vehicle for this towel, it might just become one of your most utilised tools in your collection. Use them to wipe glass or remove light dust & debris from under the paintwork. They’re even great for cleaning the interior! The short fibre design provides scrubbing power & the soft absorbent material will pick up dirt from carpets & upholstered seats easily & effectively.

✔️PERFECT FOR REMOVING WAX & POLISH RESIDUE – Still constructed of an ultra-soft, dense microfibre weave, this towel is still safe for most paint or other delicate surfaces including paint, aluminium, chrome, even old lacquer paints, in fact, they are ideal for any kind of job. Best of all they won’t leave fluff & lint behind & are much softer on the wallet!

✔️16″x16″ & 350 GSM – These towels are designed for every detailing job including wax & sealant removal, glass removal, interior cleaning, a quick wipe down & paint polishing, these towels are just the right weight, thickness & softness & ensure the perfect streak free finish. Woven with premium fabric, they will not harm your paint or delicate surfaces or cause scratches or swirl marks to sensitive paintwork. Better yet, these towels are very durable & will last you years to come!