drying your vehicle has just gained a cheat  code

ego 765 cfm blower

We have finally introduced a tool that compliments the drying and drying aid process steps. Cordless in design, an EGO blower is the ultimate accessory to dry your car in minutes without the fuss of long hoses and power cords under your feet. This is the best cordless blower in the world by quite some distance. This is the biggest and baddest EGO blower in our range.

  • 765 CFM maximum output.
  • Complete kit featuring body, battery and charger.
  • Most powerful EGO blower in the range.



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The chase to get to this point has been long and very expensive. We have bought and tested every single corded blower in the world and then repeated the process for the cordless blowers. Corded blowers posed a problem with long hoses that were impossible to store and add in the fact that you were trampling across power cables, often in wet conditions.

This is where we came across EGO. They have created something truly unique and special. Firstly is the design, just look at it! Even if you were to never use it and place it as an ornament in your garage, it would never look out of place. Then comes the mind blowing performance, EGO utilises turbine fan technology which as a byproduct generates class leading air flow, if you really wish to speed up the process, the Turbo button elevates your experience and shifts water like you will not believe.

All of our EGO models have adjustable speed controls, from the most gentle breeze to category 1 hurricane speeds. Combine this with their brushless motor and you have world class efficiency and performance.

In our opinion, this is the best set of blowers the world has ever seen and will serve you in your car drying journey extremely well.

Ego Blower 765


Out of stock

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