This package is the complete solution for cleaning and maintaining the engine bay area. This task should be followed with common sense and caution on older vehicles where main components aren’t protected or shielded with covers. We have developed individual packages for you to understand what is needed and used at each individual stage of the detailing process without any confusion and this package contains everything that we use for maintaining the engine bay.

  • Complete engine bay cleaning solution.
  • Pressol label included separately, application required by you.
  • Maintain your engine bay like we do with this one simple and effective package.


Product Details

Engine bay cleaning and maintenance is almost a taboo subject and scares a lot of people. You have to remember since the late 90’s all engine bays have become splash proof with all major connections sealed. The best way to describe this is, look into your engine bay and you will be able to see the concrete underneath, so if you are travelling on the motorway with heavy rain your engine bay will ingress water from the bottom and this also means that you can gently rinse your engine bay from above.

The engine bay detail step is one of the most satisfying things that you will do, because it gets overlooked so often, so when you open your bonnet to reveal a freshly dressed engine and all the accompanying components, people will certainly want to take a double look.

Because we have been cleaning our engine bays for such a long time, the complete package you see is everything that you will need to heavily and lightly clean your engine bay at regular intervals and keep it looking just as clean as the rest of your car.

This packages includes the following:

  • Yum Undress 5 litre
  • Yum Undress 500ml
  • Yum Foam 5 litre
  • Yum Foam 500ml
  • Yum Dress v² 500ml
  • Pressol Household
  • Pressol Household Dress v² label
  • White Ultra Soft Detailing Brush
  • Boars Hair Detailing Brush

To experience the full knowledge of specific independent products, accessories and microfibre towels, please consult the individual product pages.

Engine Bay Cleaning Package



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