Our Exfoliator Mitt gives you the ability to deep clean pores safely and effectively on plastic and leather surfaces. Wiping the surface is not always enough and sometimes you need to perform an extreme deep clean of the surface by agitating the areas. This Exfoliator has been designed as a mitt, so you can fit your entire hand inside and penetrate the pores of the surface, leaving your surfaces rejuvenated.

  • Measuring 15cm (Width) x 22cm (Length) x 2cm (Thickness), 640gsm.
  • Can be worn like a glove or easy to fold, to make use of many surface areas.
  • Safe for use on many interior surfaces such as leather, plastics and carpets.


Product Details

Although you can fit your hand inside our Exfoliator Mitt, we like to fold it in in half, to make use of many surface areas. Once one side is dirty, flip it over and continue the process.

The best and worst part of this pad is it is white, so you will always see the dirt you are picking up along with it. If you know an area is extremely dirty to start with, you could always pre-wipe with our Interior Towel first, to save you going through so many mitts. Once you have picked up dirt on all the Exfoliator sides, do not continue to use it because you will just be spreading dirt around rather than continuing to clean.

The pad fibres are spiky, but also soft, so they will not cause any damage to the surface. Common sense always dictates in this area, so please do not go scrubbing away at LED screens, or dive in with force on alcantara, because this very delicate, so we would recommend a patch test on these kinds of materials first.

Care Instructions

  • Like with anything new, we recommend to wash straight out of the packet as they have been handled during the manufacturing and packaging process.
  • Always wash alone – The fibres will get caught up and damage your microfibre towels so do not wash them together!
  • Wash using the dedicated YumCars Wash MF.
  • Wash no higher than 40°C.
  • Air dry or tumble dry on a low heat setting.
  • Place on a cool spin once dry to revitalise the fibres.

Exfoliator Mitt



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