Gamma Seal LID®

The perfect solution to make your bucket into a multi-use storage, watertight detailing accessory. Our Gamma Seal Lid® is imported from the USA and made by the creator and originator of this air tight solution, Gamma2 Inc. This simple yet effective idea now provides a solution for millions worldwide. For us, it turns our buckets into a waterproof, leakproof and dustproof container. Simply snap the collar onto the top of a bucket, then screw on the threaded lid to make a water tight seal.

  • The stackable space saving solution for your home or garage.
  • Perfect for transporting liquids without leaks.
  • Storage solution for many applications.


Product Details

You can use the waterproof Gamma Seal Lid® to transport full buckets of water to avoid filling up on the go if you do not have the necessary equipment at home.

Once fitted, you can easily stack your buckets on top of each other to save valuable floor space and maximise space in either your home or garage to have a clean and organised workspace.

This solution especially comes in handy when you are on the go, such as attending car shows where you need to wash your vehicle upon arrival to get it looking its best.

The Gamma Seal Lid provides a water tight seal by using a snug fitting outer ring that snaps onto the top lid of the bucket so you don’t have to worry about it leaking in your vehicle.

When paired with our USA imported rigid 6 gallon buckets, they also make for a great detailing seat!

While we use them for simply keeping dust and dirt out of our washing system, they can be used as a watertight container for storing many other items too such as brushes, microfibre towels, water or any other goods and valuables that you want to keep watertight.


  • Fits most 3.5 – 7 gallon buckets.
  • Diameter: 12″ / 35.5cm
  • HDPE construction.
  • Leakproof, airtight seal.
  • FDA approved.
  • Bucket sold separately.


Gamma Seal Lid



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