This package is the complete solution for preparing, sealing and maintaining the interior and exterior of your glass to improve visibility when driving. We have developed individual packages for you to understand what is needed and used at each individual stage of the detailing process without any confusion and this package contains everything that we use for maintaining and protecting the glass surfaces.

  • Interior and exterior glass solution.
  • Increased visibility while driving.
  • Results in faster water clearance.


Product Details

Automotive glass is often cleaned as a last step in a hurry to finish off your wash. This is what normal people do. People like us think in a completely different dimension and we often take multiple steps to prepare, clean and protect glass as if it was paint. Glass care to us is just as important as every other step and it is just as satisfying. There is nothing better than rinsing your car and seeing aggressive water behaviour on all exterior glass.

The Glass Care Package has been tailored to both clean and protect your glass whilst at the same time removing any confusion with “what else do I need to add to my basket to get the correct combination”, as this has been done for you.

To decontaminate the glass surface safely prior to any application of Glass✚, we have included our Clay Block.

We have also provided 10 x microfibre towels in this package: 5 Interior Towels dedicated for the interior glass and 5 x Paint Towels dedicated to the exterior glass.

This packages includes the following:

  • 2 x Yum Glass 500ml
  • 2 x Glass✚
  • Clay Block
  • 5 x Interior Towels
  • 5 x Paint Towels

To experience the full knowledge of specific independent products and microfibre towels, please consult the individual product pages.

Glass Care Package



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