Grit Guard®

Our original USA manufactured Grit Guards® pressure-fit at the bottom of our USA manufactured tapered wash buckets. Grit Guards are designed to separate the grit, dirt and grime which can be picked up on your wash pad during the washing stages. The Grit Guard design helps to trap and separate these particles and elements, providing a clean, scratch-free wash pad every time you go back to the bucket for water.

  • One-piece design, manufactured in the USA.
  • Filters wash solution preventing swirls and scratches.
  • Slim design ensures maximum use of wash solution.


Product Details

This simple and cost effective method protects your precious painted surfaces from being scratched and saves your paint from swirl marks.

Grit Guards work by sitting a few inches off the bottom of your buckets, acting as a settling filter to trap all of the harmful grit and dirt transferred from your wash pad into the water. Once trapped at the bottom of the bucket, the dirt settles, so the particles are not transferring back through the Grit Guard barrier onto your wash pad as you continue the washing process.

The best method for extracting harmful dirt and grit from your wash pad is to reach deep inside the bucket and brush the wash pad against the face of the Grit Guard, which helps to dislodge anything that you may have picked up from the paint.

The Grit Guard is a must if you want to keep your paint swirl free wash after wash, especially during the colder months as you will pick up abrasive contamination such as road salt.


  • Colour: Gold.
  • Diameter: 263mm.
  • Height: 63mm.
  • Suitable to fit at the bottom of most 3.5 – 7 USA gallon buckets with a 12″ diameter.

Grit Guard



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