YumCars® HexGrip applicator is a great addition to your detailing routine.

✔️COMFORTABLE GRIP & ERGONOMIC DESIGN – The YumCars Hex Grip applicator is a great addition to your detailing routine & has an ergonomic full sized grip at the top to allow comfort while dressing the tyres, rubbers & trims. The grooves within the foam will ensure even coverage and great results every time.

✔️REUSABLE HIGH DENSITY FOAM – This handheld foam applicator is perfect to apply the YumCars Tyre Dressing Gel; The waved pattern in the sponge allows you to disperse the product evenly and the comfortable handle prevents any product from going on your hands. This applicator is also ideal for applying dressings or waxes to the interior & exterior trims, rubber & plastics.

✔️REUSABLE SOFT SPONGE – Our sponge was created for multiple uses & to ensure longevity, we recommend to hand wash the applicator using warm water & allow to dry fully prior to reuse. It is the perfect car care accessory to have amongst your detailing kit.

✔️PACKAGED IN A BRANDED BAG – Our moulded tyre applicator pad has our logo engraved on the handle & comes packaged in a black branded YumCars drawstring bag so it can be nicely stored away after each use.