Please note: We have currently sold out of Interior Towels and they aren’t due to arrive back in stock until July-August 2024. If you wish to order this package, it will be sent with Paint Towels which are the same style microfibre as Interior Towels, but they are green. Thank you.

This package is the complete solution for cleaning the entire interior surface area, leaving it looking and smelling fresh and clean. We have developed individual packages for you to understand what is needed and used at each individual stage of the detailing process without any confusion and this package contains everything that we use for maintaining the interior.

  • Interior cleaning and maintenance solution.
  • Replicate our entire process in a click of a button.
  • Every product and accessory in the right quantity for the perfect interior regimen.


Product Details

Our Interior Cleaning Package has grown over the years as our range has grown to support more and more of the niche areas of each specific cleaning bracket. This package is no different and what you will now find is more supporting items at the correct quantities to ensure you have the complete solution for keeping your interior in better than perfect condition.

Our interior cleaner is completely safe to use on all interior surfaces including cloth, leather, carpets, alcantara, dashboards and plastic trims, so as this is the main product you will be using throughout this stage, we have provide a 5 litre and 500ml combination for you so you can keep it topped up easily.

For an interior maintenance solution, we find that 10 x Interior Towels is enough for this task, so you should have plenty for dedicating them as you wish to the glass and interior surfaces.

For any stubborn areas, this is where the Boars Hair detailing brush and Exfoliator comes in handy, and for use on sensitive areas, light dirt, dust and vents, you have the Soft Detailing brush.

This packages includes the following:

  • Yum Interior 5 litre
  • Yum Interior 500ml
  • 2 x Yum Glass 500ml
  • 2 x Deodoriser 500ml
  • 10 x Interior Towels
  • 4 x Exfoliator Mitt
  • Ultra Soft Detailing Brush
  • Boars Hair Detailing Brush

To experience the full knowledge of specific independent products, accessories and microfibre towels, please consult the individual product pages.

Interior Cleaning Package



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