M22 – 3/8″ Plug

This twist seal coupler from MTM Hydro USA has been specifically designed for a safe and secure way for attaching and detaching fittings. For us, it is the perfect solution for connecting the Kobrajet hoses to different types of pressure washer machines. It is also the perfect solution for a quick-connect transition of the SGS28 Gun and Lance V2, back to the standard Kranzle gun and lance.

  • Inlet: M22 (14mm) Threaded Female – Black Portion.
  • Outlet: 3/8″ Quick Disconnect Plug – Stainless Steel Portion.
  • Produces a simple clean transition.


Product Details

There are so many different pressure washer machines on the market, and to make life a bit more difficult, they all carry different fittings so you cannot easily upgrade the standard guns and lances.

Most pressure washer machines need some kind of conversion to make them compatible with more widely available pressure washer guns and lances.

This twist seal coupler will attach to any pressure washer machine which has an M22 14mm connection. If you are unsure what fitment is on your machine, we would recommend that you contact the manufacturer, or sometimes even a quick Google search will often bring the result up.

If you are a Kranzle K7 / K10 owner this fitting has been designed with you in mind. The standard Kranzle hose inlet is a 14mm M22 connection which is suitable for this fitting to directly bolt on. What you will achieve is a ⅜” plug connection on your Kranzle inlet that will allow you to purchase the KobraJet Hose in Quick Release configuration which can then be either connected directly to your hose reel or left as it is. The KobraJet hose will then directly connect to your Ultimate Quick Release Gun and you will have a very formidable quick release set up.

Pressure Washer Packages

If you purchased a Pressure Washer Package from us before February 2022, you will have noticed that your standard Kranzle hose and gun within the package cannot be used or attached to the ⅜” coupler as it simply doesn’t fit. This has now been solved thanks to this simple yet effective fitting!

The black portion of this fitting is considered a coupler (inlet), and the stainless steel part is considered a plug (outlet).

The outlet plug fits directly into a ⅜” coupler, which is already attached to your hose. Once connected, the inlet of this fitting will screw directly into the Kranzle gun and lance.


M22 Female (14mm) - 3/8" QD Plug



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