When it comes to Wash Pads, quality microfibre is so important as the majority of paint swirls and marring is caused at this stage. Therefore, soft, premium microfibre is a must and this is exactly what we have manufactured.

Measuring 25 x 25cm and 1000gsm, we have created a monster pad!

The YumCars Wash Pad has been designed from the ground up;

  • It is easy to hold and bend due to the bespoke internal foam.
  • It will hold a huge amount of suds and water to gently glide over the panels.
  • The white microfibre design makes it easy to spot any dirt that has been trapped inside during the washing process so you can easily identify it and rinse it out prior to continuing the wash, making this the safest wash pad ever made.

Our Wash Pad is fully machine washable and can be placed in the tumble dryer on low heat, but we would always recommend to air dry if possible and then place into the tumble dryer for 30 seconds once fully dried to fluff the fibres back up.