✔️PERFECT FOR MIXING PRODUCTS – Have you tried mixing our Yum Ceramic with the Yum Detailer yet? They make a great combination! These bottles are a great addition to your car cleaning kit, designed for you to mix a combination of YumCars detailing products together to achieve various results, or you can simply dilute the chemicals with water if you wish.

✔️GREAT DURABLE DESIGN – Our 500ml lightweight bottle is super clear so you can see how much liquid you have in your bottle & they are complemented with an ergonomic stylish spray trigger which is fully adjustable to ensure the ultimate user comfort & perfectly fine mist. These bottles will upstand any car cleaning chemicals you choose to put in them.

✔️REUSABLE – These bottles can be reused for many years to come which not only is a great deal, it helps the environment too!

✔️100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – Our customer satisfaction is the most important part of our job & we strive to bring you the best detailing kits, car accessories, detailing tools, brushes, microfibre towels, ceramic spray sealants & applicators. If you have any questions or would like any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.