These plugs can be found pre-installed at the bottom of our upgraded MTM Hydro SGS28 Ultimate pressure washer guns. The ⅜” male plug fits directly into a ⅜” female coupler, such as found on the Kranzle hose, to make a flawless quick connect system. This fitting is for those who appreciate the finer, super high quality fittings that Mosmatic offers and wish to replace or upgrade your current set up to the best fittings available.

  • Swiss engineering at its finest.
  • Smooth, precise connection and fitment.
  • The ultimate in the fittings category.


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We have worked long and hard with our closest fitting manufacturers to attempt to introduce a no compromise outcome when it comes to the inlet of your short stubby gun.

A lot of the times people will settle for the “it will do parts” due to misinformation or simply a price point requirement. This in turn will give you no satisfaction, a negligent experience and over time very poor performance.

With this Mosmatic ⅜” male plug what you will get is the most precise machined fitting of its type currently available. The precision machining will ensure that your connection point is as accurate as possible and the engagement between the coupler and the plug is seamless and world class.

Yes, this is the most expensive plug for your aftermarket short stubby gun, however , buy once and buy right. This fitting will last you many many years as it has no failure point and your overall connection and experience will be elevated to a level much above the rest of the fittings found in the industry.

This fitting will fit in the majority of aftermarket short guns if they contain a ⅜” female connection, such as MTM, Mosmatic and Suttner guns.

Mosmatic 3/8 Male Plug


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