quick release coupler

3/8″ Qc Coupler

This 14mm ⅜” M22 Male Quick Disconnect Coupler from MTM Hydro is made from Stainless Steel which will prevent corrosion. This coupler is offered to make your pressure washing system easier by enabling you to connect your pressure washer hose to your gun in one quick easy movement. This coupler will attach to any M22 female threaded hoses and comes pre-taped for you using teflon tape. To connect it to your hose, you must tighten the connection fully, otherwise you will encounter leakage.

  • Quick connection for M22 hoses.
  • Made from stainless steel.
  • Makes for a perfect plug and play system.


Product Details

We are huge Kranzle advocates and supporters and luckily Kranzle have used a very recognised connection. From the outlet of the Kranzle hose you will find an M22 14mm connection which can be very easily modified. This is where the 14mm M22 coupler comes into its own. Once installed you will convert a connection that previously had to be screwed and unscrewed to a complete quick release set up where you can now connect our Quick Release Ultimate Gun within seconds.

This coupler is not only designed for Kranzle, so if you own a pressure washer that has a 14mm ⅜” connection you can also begin to upgrade your hose outlet set up with this fitting.

We have always said, you can always begin to fix your hose piece by piece with parts that often get changed by the manufactures such as Karcher or Nilfisk or you can change one part which will transfer your whole system to the universal quick disconnect system that will never change. You will benefit from this because you can start investing in the correct hardware such as stubby guns, lances and foam cannons without the fear of constantly changing around your connections.


  • Inlet: ⅜” 14mm Male BSP thread plug.
  • Outlet: ⅜” Female coupler.






MTM 3/8 Quick Connect Coupler



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