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MTM Magnum 28 Kit


This Italian-made Magnum 28 Foam Cannon and Pressure Washer Kit by MTM Hydro features the newest foam cannon and spray gun technology on the market and really is unmatched by any other.

The stylish and robust SGS28 spray gun with integrated stainless steel swivel is paired with stainless fittings and the PF22.2 foam cannon pressure washer attachments to give you a premium Italian Foam Kit.

Simply attach the foam cannon to your SGS28 trigger and fill with your desired ratio of chemical and you are up and running to create the thickest and most consistent foam on the planet.

This is the only kit that will not come assembled by us due the the full assembly not fitting in the box, so please follow this link to see the full assembly on our YouTube channel:

Included Items

  • Italian Brass Foam Cannon body
  • Italian Calibrated 32 oz Grey PF22.2 Stand Up Bottle
  • 1/4″ x 9″ tube for drawing chemical
  • 3.5 Orifice (1.25mm) installed in the Foamer Body
  • 3.0 Orifice (1.1mm) included with kit
  • SGS 28 Spray Gun with Integrated Stainless Swivel
  • 1/4″ Male Stainless Coupler – Gun Outlet
  • 1/4″ QC Stainless Steel Plug – Cannon Inlet
  • 3/8″ QC Stainless Steel Plug – Gun Inlet
  • 3/8″ M22 (14mm) Plug – Optional Gun inlet fitting
  • Teflon Tape for installation – 6 Wraps per fitting