MTM HYDRO stainless steel filter

PF22 Filter Replacement

This filter is found inside the foaming head on the PF22 Foam Cannon and it will need replacing from time to time. This small filter is responsible for producing that thick, clinging foam, so, after taking a pounding from all the chemicals that are put through it, it can eventually become clogged. It is the heart of the MTM PF22 Foam Cannon and its distinct woven filter cannot be made or replaced elsewhere.

  • Stainless Steel mesh filter will need replacing after time.
  • Italian made – Don’t expect the same results from similar looking cheaper copies.
  • Produces thicker, clinging foam.


Product Details

This Replacement Filter has a mesmerising design and is engineered from Italian stainless steel. There are many others on the market that may look similar, but don’t be fooled. If you are, don’t expect the same results!

Designed to fit the MTM PF22 and PF22.2 Foam Cannon, this is a replaceable maintenance item which acts as an agitator for the chemical to produce foam.

If you notice that your cannon isn’t producing the thick foam it used to, then this could be the main reason so try replacing this first.

The filter can often become clogged, especially if you are using it with strong products. To the naked eye, you may not be able to see any blockage as the chemical compounds are trapped deep inside the mesh.

Regular maintenance of the Foam Cannon by rising it through after every use with warm water, will extend the life of this filter.

MTM PF22 Filter Replacement



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