MTM HYDRO PF22.2 adjustment dial upgrade

Replacement Screw

This screw fits directly into the top of the MTM PF22 Foam Cannon head and will fit both the PF22 Foam Cannon models. The Version 1 Foam Cannons have a black screw, which you will find rusts and corrodes very easily. For the MTM PF22.2 Foam Cannon, this part was improved, and replaced with this new stainless steel screw.

  • Ideal for replacing on the PF22 V1 Foam Cannon.
  • Made from Stainless Steel.
  • Simple and easy replacement for the earlier models.


Product Details

A simple screw can make all the difference for some.

Unlike before, when the black screw on the older versions of the PF22 Foam Cannons easily rusted and corroded, MTM improved and upgraded this part to a stainless steel construction.

Luckily, the PF22.2 doesn’t have this problem as it is pre-installed with this more durable stainless steel screw.

These screws are ideal for replacing the old black screws in your PF22 Foam Cannon to achieve that back to new look again, and it is so easy to replace.

If you are unsure how to fit or replace this part, we have covered it in the video below for you.





MTM PF22 Replacement Screw



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