✔️PAMPER YOUR VEHICLE WITH OUR SOFTEST TOWEL EVER – This towel is incredibly soft on your paint and is safe to use for even the most delicate of finishes including paint, aluminium, chrome, even old lacquer paints. Forget about leaving any swirl marks behind with our ultra-plush, ultra-dense premium microfibre & pamper your vehicle’s finish with nothing but the best

✔️PERFECT FOR REMOVING WAX & POLISH RESIDUE – Woven using the most premium fabric & finished off with a luxurious silk edge, these towels will reduce any chance of damaging your vehicles paintwork. They are perfect for buffing away or removing any car wax, polish, quick detailer and ceramic spray sealants & it will not leave behind any lint unlike most microfibre towels out there.

✔️HIGH QUALITY DURABLE MICROFIBRE – Reaching new levels in super soft, yet ultra-dense, microfibre detailing technology, the YumCars Plush microfibre towel is a 550 gsm, 70/30 blend (polyester/polyamide) version of the thickest, softest, beastliest detailing towel of them all! It measures 16″ x 16″, making it perfect size for any detailing job. Our towel is ready to take on your loftiest detailing needs from the removal of all types of waxes and polishes to your best final buff ever!

✔️MACHINE WASHABLE – We are confident any microfibre towel from YumCars will outperform any cotton cloth, terry towel or chamois. To top it off, these towels are completely machine washable. We advise to machine wash on 30 degrees using a non-bio liquid, air dry and then place on a cool spin for 30 seconds to revitalise & fluff up the fibres. No softener or conditioner is needed.