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Pressol Household Mixing Bottle


Available on backorder

These 750ml Pressol Household Bottles are our personal favourite mixing bottles. We have to thank Matt from Obsessed Garage for introducing these to the rest of the car care industry.

The natural HDPE plastic makes it easy to see how much product is inside and the cone design is stunning.

What is the difference between our 750ml Pressol Industrial and Household bottles?

The main difference is of course the design, but also the trigger tube – These bottles contain a double action industrial sprayer trigger head, however, the draw tube is not suitable for high pH and acidic chemicals. It is a static tube and is not weighted like what is standard on the Industrial bottles, making these bottles more suitable for lighter chemicals such as Yum Interior, Glass, Detail Spray and Ceramic.

We stock the 750ml Pressol Industrial Triggers separately which will also fit this bottle.

  • Bottle Dimensions – Height: 31cm, Base: 10cm

Available on backorder


Care Instructions

Always clean with water after use.