PRESSOL Industrial

The Industrial Bottles from Pressol are perfect for mixing an array of products, from Yum Citrus to Dress V2. These black, non see-through bottles are perfectly paired up with the grey Pressol Industrial Triggers, which have a world class, double action adjustable sprayer, meaning it sprays chemical when the trigger is squeezed and again upon being released.

  • Contains a weighted double-action trigger.
  • Perfect for mixing stronger pH products.
  • 750ml in size.


Product Details

Not only are these empty mixing bottles stylish and one of the most beautiful bottles produced for our industry to date, the Pressol Industrial bottles are the perfect choice for mixing an array of stronger products.

The trigger in this 750ml bottle is weighted, yet the dip tube is very flexible, so it will move around the bottom of the bottle with the liquid freely, even when the bottle is tilted at a slight angle, making it easier to extract the chemicals especially when they are very low.

These bottles are rated for higher alkaline products because the draw tube and sprayer head is much more chemical resistant than those provided on the Pressol Household.

The 750ml Industrial bottle has a fixed trigger head, so the bottle will not move when being sprayed.

Bottle Dimensions:

  • 750ml Bottle – Height: 31cm, Base: 10cm

Care Instructions

After every use, rinse trigger thoroughly with water.

Pressol Industrial



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