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Quick Release Pressure Washer Lance


Our solid pressure washer lance is 500mm in length and is made entirely from stainless steel.

It features a 15 degree bend which makes it more effective at reaching those hard to reach areas like the vehicle roof. The thermoplastic handle allows for comfortable handling whilst also protecting your hands if you were to run warm water through the lance.

We have taken the time to water test all of our lances prior to letting them go out the door to ensure you will not run into leaks, creating you the end to end solution.

This lance comes pre-assembled for you and includes a rubber nozzle on the end that completely covers the outlet to prevent any accidental damage to your vehicle.

Also included is a stainless steel 1/4 Quick Release attachment to make it easy to transition from your lance to short trigger gun and vice versa.

The lance includes a static 40 degree nozzle to give you the best possible fan and reach when cleaning and rinsing your vehicle, which will save you more time as you cover a larger surface area.