✔️OUR BEST SELLING COMBO – Ceramic protection has never been easier! Our durable ceramic spray on sealant doubled up with our super slick, high gloss quick detailer as the maintenance product is guaranteed to blow your mind! Your paintwork will be left extremely hydrophobic. YumCeramic on a perfectly prepared vehicle has a durability of upwards of 6 months, team this up with Yum Detailer as a drying aid during future maintenance washes & you will have a combination that is impossible to beat!

✔️THE ULTIMATE SLICK LAYER OF SIO2 PAINT PROTECTION – Washing & Drying will be much easier, the vehicle will stay cleaner for longer & also the gloss and the sharpness of the paintwork will be unbelievable! This SIO2 spray creates an incredibly slick surface that beads & repels water to make maintenance cleaning your car even easier. Yum Ceramic creates a super slick layer of paint protection which can be used as a standalone sealant or used as a top up & extend your existing ceramic protection.

✔️EASY APPLICATION & CAN APPLY WET OR DRY – Apply a fine mist of Yum Ceramic or Yum Detailer over the panel to be treated, or, using our premium ultra-plush microfibre towel, spray directly into the towel & spread evenly over the surface. Flip the towel over or use a second towel to buff any remaining residue. Repeat on all exterior surfaces. You can also apply after your final rinse of your car by misting it over the wet vehicle & continuing to dry with our premium waffle weave drying towel.

✔️SAFE ON ALL EXTERIOR SURFACES – Our formulas are safe to use on paint, glass, chrome & trim. Ensure you have washed your vehicle prior to application & for the longest durability, we recommend a clay bar treatment to remove any contaminants from the surface. Yum Detailer is excellent for use as a lubricant with a clay bar & for removing dust, light dirt, fingerprints. It can also be used as a gloss enhancer, wax topper, waterless wash & drying aid & will boost protection on your vehicle.

✔️SPRAY TRIGGERS INCLUDED – The bottles pictured are 500ml in size & our ergonomic stylish triggers come included with each bottle which are fully adjustable to ensure the ultimate user comfort & perfect fine mist.