1/4″ Male Coupler

When it comes to high end pressure washer fittings, this ¼’ Male Coupler sits proudly at the very top of the list. They are exclusively made in Switzerland to the highest precision available. This fitting was made to a spec and not a price point, so you can experience the greatest draw and pull action currently available in the industry.

  • Swiss engineered and manufactured.
  • T304 grade stainless steel.
  • The best fit, finish and precision currently in manufacture anywhere in the world.


Product Details

Traditional couplers are made from brass and are mass produced, usually from China, and they oxidise easily. Chinese stainless steel fitting are usually made to a price point to satisfy the majority of the market who do not look at the finer details or the end user experience.

Our T304 Stainless Steel male coupler is a huge improvement from the traditional fittings – It is an upgrade on a completely different level of quality, feel and precision. Yes, it is an expensive option, however, if you have a mindset like us, then nothing but the best will do. When you do it for your personal enjoyment and relaxation, why do it with cheap, often breakable parts, when you can buy the best available and enjoy the whole experience of looking after your cars.

This fitting was made and designed to the highest specification, rather than focussing on the final price point. The quality, draw and snap is exactly what you would expect from Swiss engineering. If you can reach just a little higher, we guarantee that you will see a huge difference in feel and usability of this truly amazing masterpiece fitting.

This coupler was designed to fit the outlet of the MTM SGS28 Gun, or any other version of gun that you currently own, and are wanting to upgrade to a more premium solution.

Couplers are the most often used and touched piece, so as you can imagine this is a consumable item. Ball bearings and o rings will in time have to give way due to prolonged use. You will not encounter this issue for many but this is something to be mindful of with consumable items.


T304 SS 1/4" Male Coupler



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