This bundle will add amazing shine & slickness to the exterior of your vehicle. This bundle includes 4 x 500ml products as follows:

✔️NON- ACIDIC pH NEUTRAL CAR SHAMPOO – YumCars premium pH neutral car wash shampoo gentle & safe to use on all painted, vinyl & glass surfaces. The super thick liquid consistency creates a huge amount of foam & lubrication which safely removes traffic film, road dirt, grime, pollen & other contaminants but will not strip or compromise any wax or sealant protection, nor will it dry out or harm plastics or rubber & rinses clean without leaving behind any water spots or streaks.

✔️FAST ACTING COLOUR CHANGING WHEEL CLEANER – Our thick gel like viscosity liquid wheel cleaner clings to the wheels for excellent cleaning power & targets iron & metallic particles without running off. This non-acidic, pH neutral wheel cleaner is safe to use on most painted, polished, powder coated, clear coated & chrome rims & wheels. It can also be used on tyres, decals, wheel nuts & even on paint to dissolve & eliminate stubborn iron particles, break dust & tough road dirt & grime.

✔️GLOSS IN A BOTTLE QUICK DETAILER – Safe on paint, plastic, chrome, aluminium, fibreglass, windows & trim, Yum Detailer is our most versatile product & is safe to use on all exterior surfaces of your vehicle. It can be used to remove dust, light dirt, fingerprints & will boost existing protection on your vehicle. It is also excellent for use as a lubricant with a clay bar or mitt; as a polishing booster, gloss enhancer, wax topper, waterless wash, dust cleaner & even a drying aid.

✔️MULTI-PURPOSE CITRUS PRE-WASH – YumCitrus is a strong, concentrated, multi-purpose cleaner that is specifically designed to remove and dissolve dirt, grease, grime and bugs from your vehicle prior to the washing process. YumCitrus has been developed for our customers to not only aid in the pre-wash process but to also boost other elements in the detailing journey, such as engine bay touch-ups, door jam cleaning and panel gap agitation.