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Wheel Brush


Made with the higest quality 100% boars hair, our wheel and tyre brush is one of the most durable brushes you will ever own.

Containing strong fibres which will clean the most stubborn road grime without scratching or damaging your wheel finish, this brush is a must for any detailer.

Our wheel and tyre brush will not flick cleaning solution back at you or in your work area and can also be used on wheel arches, side skirts and engine bays.

• 9 inch black none-slip textured handle.

• 2 1/2 inch long boars hair brush.

• Made in the USA by Braun Automotive, the manufactures of the original wheel woolies.

• Excellent agitation power.

• Polypropylene handle Always rinse clean after and during use on sensitive areas and allow to air dry.


Additional Information

Avoid temperatures above 70 degrees celsius – The epoxy is extremely durable provided it is not heated above this temperature.


Additional information

Brush Size

Small, Medium, Large, Full Set