DEDICATED WHEEL cleaning package


This package is the complete solution for cleaning and maintaining the wheels and tyres and includes everything you need to have the best possible experience. We have developed individual packages for you to understand what is needed and used at each individual stage of the detailing process without any confusion and this package contains everything that we use for cleaning and maintaining the wheels and tyres.

  • Complete wheel cleaning solution.
  • Replicate our process with a click of a button.
  • Version 2 of our Wheel Cleaning Package.


Product Details

Wheel cleaning has to be our favourite step of the detailing process. There are so many intricate areas to take care of and it is fun and extremely satisfying when you can easily hit all of the areas during this step. Wheel cleaning is often seen as a chore more than an enjoyment, this is because people often use sub par products and accessories so of course there is no fun doing it.

Within this package you will find some of our most popular and highest hitting products and accessories to finally give you the one hit wonder you have been looking for to complete your wheel cleaning package. There is no longer the need to look to piece multiple products and accessories together to make the perfect collection, this has been done for you. You can now look forward to cleaning and maintaining your wheels and tyres with the exact process that you often seen us use on our YouTube channel.

This packages includes the following:

  • Yum Undress 5 litre
  • Yum Undress 500ml
  • Yum Wheels 5 litre
  • Yum Wheels 500ml
  • Yum Ceramic 500ml
  • Yum Dress v² 500ml
  • Tyre Brush
  • Tyre HexGrip
  • Wheel Woolies 3-set
  • Red Ultra Soft Detailing Brush ( TriGrip )
  • 2 Wheel Mitts
  • 2 Wheel and Tyre Towels

To experience the full knowledge of specific independent products, accessories and microfibre towels, please consult the individual product pages.

Wheel & Tyre Cleaning Package



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