The twist loop construction of the fibres allows this towel to effectively absorb water at the highest rate possible, leaving the often-neglected areas as dry and spotless as the rest of the car. One of these towels will me more than enough to completely dry all wheels, tyres and door jambs, however, if these areas are unprotected and are holding a lot of water, we recommend two towels to complete the job effectively.

  • Measuring 20cm x 38cm.
  • 530gsm.
  • We dedicate these towels to drying door jambs, engine bays, wheels and tyres.


Product Details

You can confidently pick up this towel and use it universally across many applications, but we like to dedicate it for the ‘dirty tasks’, so that that there is no cross contamination with your dedicated paint, interior or glass towels.

This towel is the same size and fibre type as our Drying Aid Towel, but we have colour coded this ready for those often neglected areas.

Prior to making any contact with a drying towel, we always recommend to air-blow standing water off the entire vehicle first, using a cordless blower, which will give the best drying experience.

Care Instructions

  • Like with anything new, we recommend to wash all microfibre towels straight out of the packet as they have been handled during the manufacturing and packaging process.
  • Always wash with the same towel colours – Colours can always run, especially when new.
  • Wash with the same towel groups to prevent contamination – For example, do not wash with a Wheel and Tyre Towel.
  • Wash using the YumCars Wash MF, a dedicated Microfibre Wash, to keep your towels lasting longer.
  • Wash no higher than 40°C.
  • Air dry or tumble dry on a low heat setting.
  • Place on a cool spin once dry to revitalise the fibres.


Wheel & Tyre Towel



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