This combines the YumDress with the HexGrip applicator to give you the complete tyre dressing solution for perfect results every time.

✔️NON-GREASY MULTI-USE FORMULATION – Give your tyres & plastic trims that lustrous deep rich shine! YumDress has been specifically designed for our customers wanting a wet, lustrous gloss. This tyre gel has a non-greasy formula which is designed to be used on a washed, decontaminated & fully dried rubber or plastic surface that is cool to the touch. The high shine results will last for weeks!

✔️NON-SLING INCREDIBLY DURABLE FORMULA – YumDress is a non-sling silicone based dressing that is designed to lay evenly & dry to the touch in minutes. Our gel based formula eliminates any overspray, runs & drips onto your vehicle. Even better YumDress can be used on all exterior plastics too. The UV stable formulation restores & protects rubber & plastic surfaces from fading in the sun & provides a long lasting, dark black rich protection.

✔️SATIN OR GLOSS FINISH – Yum Dress is the most advanced durability dressing that can be applied in glossy and satin fashion straight out of the bottle. Prefer a satin look? Simply apply, wait a few minutes & level the dressing with the YumCars Utility Towel to give the perfect satin look that will last. Apply to exterior plastic trim, window seals, bumpers, tyres & even engine bay covers.

✔️SIMPLE TO USE, FRIENDLY FORMULA – YumDress is a simple, user friendly dressing that gives tyres, plastic bumpers & door seals a rich, glossy appearance without the worry of run off, sling or fading when applied correctly. Simply apply using our tyre dressing applicator pad, supplied in this kit, spread evenly over the area to be treated & you are done! Our tire shine even smells amazing too; have you guessed the scent yet?

✔️100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – Our customer satisfaction is the most important part of our job & we strive to bring you the best detailing kits, car accessories, detailing tools, brushes, microfibre towels, ceramic spray sealants & applicators. If you have any questions or would like any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.