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Yum Foam


The thickest, slickest, most advanced cleaning formulation foam on the market! Yum Foam is a pH balanced luxury pre-wash that emulsifies dirt and grime enabling it to be gently lifted off the surface.

✔️SAFE FOR USE ON ALL EXTERIOR VEHICLE SURFACES – This pH neutral, non-acidic pre-wash snow foam is gentle & safe to use on all painted, vinyl & glass surfaces such as windows & mirrors. It can also be used on engine bays, rubber tyres, trims, rims, alloys & wheels. It is safe to use on all vehicles including cars, motorbikes, bikes & even caravans! It has been engineered to create a super thick, high foaming active foam which is also biodegradable & environmentally friendly.

✔️THE ULTIMATE PRE-WASH – Yum Foam has been designed to gently lift & emulsify any dirt & grime from the paintwork surface prior to any contact wash of your vehicle. By applying this pre-wash, you will minimise any risk of swirls or scratches to the paint caused from hand washing. We would always advise you to rinse the vehicle thoroughly prior to applying the snow foam to assist with the removal of stubborn dirt.

✔️SUITABLE FOR ALL CAR EXTERIORS & SNOW FOAM LANCES – Quick, safe & easy to use! Simply apply 100ml of Yum Foam into a snow foam cannon, topped up with 900ml of warm water & apply all over the vehicle working from top to bottom, including under the arches. Use a soft detailing brush to agitate grills and seals once it has been applied. Rinse off with a pressure washer and then hand wash the vehicle using YumCars ultra slick car shampoo.

✔️SUPER SLICK FOAMY & CLINGY FORMULATION – Our formula clings & cleans without striping any existing wax or sealant protection from the surface. You can also apply this foam for extra layer of lubrication when hand washing your vehicle with a wash mitt or pad for dirtier vehicles. It is best applied using a snow foam cannon connected to a pressure washer gun, or if you don’t have one, try using a handheld foam sprayer.

5 litre pump dispensers can be purchased separately under accessories.


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