Interior cleaning on the go has just been made easier with this glove box sized bottle of magic!

Same formula. Half the price and half the size!

The ultimate 4 in 1 interior cleaner that will clean effortlessly and quickly to reveal an OEM finish on all surfaces. Not only does it have incredible performance but it also smells amazing too!

The bottle pictured is 250ml in size.


Vehicle interiors require special care to keep them clean and protected for years and years to come. Unfortunately, most people do not realise how harmful harsh detergents can be on leather, vinyl and textured plastic. Harsh cleaners remove the colour and cut the sheen from fine interior finishes.

Yum Interior is a very powerful formula, yet gentle enough to be used on most interior surfaces. This formula is unique in that you can wipe it into plastic or leather surfaces with the YumCars Utility Towel, to gently lift dirt, but it does not require any rinsing afterwards like you may need to do with other strong cleaners.

Simply apply a spray or two onto the surface or towel, work the product into the surface and then wipe clean with the YumCars Utility Towel to leave the surface spotless.

Yum Interior is perfect for your vintage or modern car interior. It is gentle, yet effective on all leather, vinyl and textured plastic finishes. Since it is a strong cleaner, test in a small spot first to ensure it does not remove any dye coloring from colored leather surfaces and if anything other than dirt comes up on your YumCars Utility Towel, dilute it by up to 50% with water.


1) Spray Yum Interior directly onto the YumCars Utility Towel and wipe onto surface.

2) Switch to a new YumCars Utility Towel and buff off any residue to reveal a perfectly clean finish.

3) Regularly re-fold, and periodically change your YumCars Utility Towels during the interior cleaning process. This keeps the cleaning and absorption power of your towels at their maximum and prevents the possibility of leaving behind dirt or product residue.

4) Follow up with the Yum Deodoriser to keep your interior smelling amazing!

Pro Tips

Use 2 YumCars Utility Towel’s to make sure the interior is at all times getting treated with a fresh side of the towel to reduce the chance of dirt transfer.

Always wash before use and was separately to prevent any colour transfer.


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