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Yum Wheels


Vehicle & car wheel cleaner from Yum Cars.

Yum Wheels is the most high performance and technologically advanced wheel cleaner you have ever tried!

✔️SAFE FOR USE ON WHEELS & PAINTWORK – This non-acidic, pH neutral wheel cleaner & iron fallout remover is safe to use on most painted, polished, powder coated, clear coated & chrome rims & wheels. It can also be used on rubber tyres, decals, wheel nuts & even on the vehicle paint to dissolve & eliminate stubborn iron particles, break dust & tough road dirt & grime.

✔️FAST ACTING COLOUR CHANGING FORMULA – Quick, safe & easy to use, simply spray on the alloy face, arches & calipers & watch as this fast reacting spray colour changes to a deep purple bleed effect once it reacts with sintered particles from brake dust fallout. It will remove contamination without harming your wheel finish. Our ergonomic stylish triggers will ensure the ultimate user comfort.

✔️2 -in- 1 FORMULATION – Our advanced, thick gel like viscosity liquid clings to the wheels for excellent cleaning power & targets iron & metallic particles without running off. The colour changing effects are rapid, it takes less than 1 minute to see the reaction. There is no longer any need for a separate wheel cleaner & fallout remover anymore!

✔️CAN BE USED AS A TOUCHLESS WASH – No hard scrubbing or brushing is needed but we would always advise to agitate with the YumCars ultra soft, ultra-dense wheel & fender brush or wheel woolies for the more stubborn & contaminated areas & for the perfect scratch free car cleaning kit combination. For best results, rinse off using a hose or pressure washer or if you don’t have one, a bucket filled with warm water together with a wash mitt or sponge will also work fine.

✔️SPRAY TRIGGERS INCLUDED – Our ergonomic stylish triggers come included with each 250ml & 500ml product which are fully adjustable to ensure the ultimate user comfort & perfectly fine mist. 5 litre pump dispensers can be purchased separately under accessories.


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250ml, 500ml, 5 Litres