✔️COMPLETE INTERIOR & EXTERIOR CLEANING – This kit will provide everything you require to clean the complete interior & exterior of your car and protect it with ceramic level protection! This kit includes our 2-in-1 WHEEL CLEANER+FALLOUT REMOVER, SHAMPOO, QUICK DETAILER, CERAMIC SPRAY SEALANT, INTERIOR CLEANER, GLASS CLEANER, LEMON AIR FRESHENER DEODORISER TYRE DRESSING & one of each of our PREMIUM MICROFIBER towels, including the ultra-PLUSH, UTILITY towel & the water guzzling DRYING towel.

✔️NON- ACIDIC pH NEUTRAL CAR SHAMPOO, FOAM & WHEEL CLEANER – YumCars pH neutral car SHAMPOO & SNOW FOAM is gentle & safe to use on all painted, vinyl & glass surfaces & it safely removes contaminants without compromising any wax or sealant protection. Our FAST ACTING COLOUR CHANGING WHEEL CLEANER gel clings to the wheels, targeting iron particles & is safe to use on painted, powder coated, clear coated & chrome rims & wheels.

✔️CERAMIC PROTECTION HAS NEVER BEEN EASIER – Our durable ceramic spray on sealant doubled up with our super slick, high gloss QUICK DETAILER as the maintenance product is guaranteed to blow your mind! Your paintwork will be left extremely hydrophobic. YumCeramic on a perfectly prepared vehicle has a durability of upwards of 6 months, team this up with Yum Detailer as a drying aid during future maintenance washes & you will have a combination that is impossible to beat!

✔️NON-GREASY MULTI-USE FORMULATION – Give your tyres & plastic trims that lustrous deep rich shine with our TYRE DRESSING. Yum Dress has been specifically designed for our customers wanting a wet, lustrous gloss. This tyre gel has a non-greasy formula & the high shine results will last for weeks! YumDress is a simple, user friendly dressing that gives tyres, plastic bumpers & door seals a rich, glossy appearance without the worry of run off, sling or fading. It smells amazing too!

✔️DON’T FORGET THE INSIDE – Our streak free GLASS CLEANER is safe to use on all factory and aftermarket tinted windows & works great on both the inside & outside of your glass. Our ultimate INTERIOR CLEANER will safely & effortlessly clean to reveal an OEM finish on all surfaces, easily removing any dirt & grime. Our long lasting, premium AIR FRESHENER spray will eliminate bad lingering odours & the fresh smelling lemon zesty fragrance will be sure to make your mouth water!

✔️SPRAY TRIGGERS INCLUDED – All bottles pictured are 500ml in size & our ergonomic stylish triggers come included with each relevant product which are fully adjustable to ensure the ultimate user comfort & perfectly fine mist.