In for our Enhancement Detail is this brand new Mustang GT in metallic Kona Blue.

This car received a 2 stage machine polish to remove light imperfections. The entire vehicle was then wiped down in an alcohol solution to remove all the polishing oils.

  • Painted surfaces coated in: Britemax Ceramic coating.

  • Wheels coated in: Gtechniq C5 wheel ceramic coating.

  • Glass coated in: Adams Polishes Glass sealant.

The entire vehicle was then topped up with Adams Polishes Ceramic Boost to add even more gloss and slickness, the glass was also topped up with Adams Polishes glass boost to add an extra layer of hydrophobic protection.

Interior received a thorough deep clean, the Fabric was coated in Gyeon Fabric.

This blue pony now boasts a 5 year protection package with amazing gloss levels.


“First class service and results. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Yumcars, it’s a rare blend of premium experience and great value. The photo on a dull day doesn’t do it justice.”