Time: 10 days

Durability: 4-6+ years

Protection: 3 layers of Kamikaze Collection Coating

With the YumCars detail we go the extra mile to examine the paintwork with various paint depth gauges and correct the most severe defects whilst also removing the orange peel with up to 4 stages of the machine polishing process before applying the Kamikaze Nano coatings for the extra depth of shine and extra hardwearing protection.

We also pay special attention to the wheels, arches, suspension and brake calipers making sure these are thoroughly cleaned, de-tared and protected.


  • 30 stage luxury wash process
  • Citrus degreaser applied to lower parts of the car
  • Snow foam applied
  • Hand washed using the finest PH neutral shampoo
  • Dual grit guard bucket system to ensure a safe wash
  • Wheel, arches, door shuts degreased
  • PH neutral wheel cleaner applied
  • Rinsed using purified water
  • Compressed air-drying process
  • Clay bar treatment to remove various contamination
  • Iron and fallout removed
  • 99.9% paint defect removal
  • 3-4 stage paint correction
  • Paintwork protected with Kamikaze Nano coating
  • Engine detailed with high temperature steam
  • Intensive interior detailing utilizing steam cleaning
  • Exterior glass polishes to remove water etching
  • Exterior glass protected with hydrophobic water treatment
  • Wheel removed and protected with Kamikaze Stance coating
  • Brake calipers protected with Kamikaze stance coating
  • Arches and rubber seals cleaned, dressed and protected
  • This is a completely bespoke detail!