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Most people forget about glass when detailing their cars, however, glass sealants are very important as it is the key to keeping the windows clean & ensuring better visability whilst driving.

Glass✚ is a powerful hydrophobic sealant that has been designed to repel dirt & water, causing it to bead up & roll away whilst driving at high speeds without the use for window wipers.

Packaged within a foil pouch, Glass✚ is contained within a 50ml glass bottle with a dripper lid, making sure the super concentrated formula isn’t over applied. Also included inside the package is a YumCars Block Applicator.

Use in conjunction with Yum Glass & our Utility Towel, to ensure your windows stay cleaner for longer & for maximum protection, re-apply every 3 months.


  • After ensuring the glass is fully cleaned & decontaminated using a Clay Bar, & Yum Glass, simply apply a few drops of Glass✚ onto the applicator provided & apply in an up & down left to right action, ensuring even coverage.
  • Allow to cure for 60 seconds.
  • Apply a fine mist of Yum Glass onto the surface or onto our Utility Towel to remove all residue.
  • Watch the video below to see how easy the application really is!





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250ml, 500ml, 5 Litres