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Yum Wash


✔️SAFE FOR USE ON ALL EXTERIOR VEHICLE SURFACES – YumCars premium pH neutral car wash shampoo is non-acidic & is gentle & safe to use on all painted, vinyl & glass surfaces. It can also be used for cleaning engine bays, rubber tyres, trims, rims & wheels. It is also safe to use on other vehicles such as motorbikes, bikes & even caravans! Yum Wash will leave you with an amazing shine & an incredibly slick & glossy surface.

✔️SUPER SLICK FOAMY FORMULATION – Yum Wash has a super thick liquid consistency which creates a huge amount of foam & lubrication which safely removes traffic film, road dirt, grime, pollen & other contaminants but will not strip or compromise any wax or sealant protection, nor will it dry out or harm plastics or rubber & rinses clean without leaving behind any water spots or streaks. To top it off, our bright pink pearl shampoo smells amazing too!

✔️HAND WASH & FOAM CANNON FRIENDLY – Quick, safe & easy to use! Simply fill up your car wash bucket halfway with water, add 50ml of shampoo & fill the rest of your bucket using pressure washer for an extra foamy thick wash. Dip your wash mitt or sponge into the bucket & gently hand wash the vehicle starting top to bottom. To apply with a foam cannon, lance or handheld sprayer, add 100-150ml of wash & top the rest with water & spray all over the vehicle working from top to bottom.

✔️WASHING TIPS – For the safest possible wash process, rinse the vehicle first using a pressure washer gun or hose. Use a pre-wash, such as our snow foam YumFoam, prior to any contact wash to gently lift any dirt on the vehicle & minimise any risk of swirls or scratches to the paint. Start washing from the top to the bottom, leaving the dirtiest areas until last. Use a 2 bucket method with grit guards to trap any dirt & debris & periodically rinse out your mitt out after each panel wipe.


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