Our ½ Wheel Mitt has been designed to fit your fingers inside to gently clean the face of your wheels, behind spokes, engine bays and door jambs, giving you the ultimate cleaning experience. We would recommend keeping it for the dirtiest of tasks once used on these areas, because it can only be hand washed.

  • Made from Merino lambs wool.
  • Extra soft and safe for all wheel finishes.
  • Perfect for intricate areas.


Product Details

Alloy wheels are generally the dirtiest areas on your vehicle and this is where our Wheel Mitt comes in handy (pun not intended). There are many other uses for this Mitt but we like to dedicate it for the wheels.

Our Wheel Mitt is small enough to get into the often neglected, intricate areas to remove corrosive brake dust and dirt which can build up over time. It is completely safe to use on other areas too, such as door jambs, exhausts and engine bays.

Made from the softest, purest wool, our Wheel Mitt is extremely delicate so extra care must be taken when washing.

Care Instructions:

  • Hand wash only using warm water.
  • Do Not tumble dry – Air dry only.

Wheel Mitt



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