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Yum Citrus


YumCitrus is a strong, concentrated, multi-purpose cleaner that is specifically designed to remove and dissolve dirt, grease, grime and bugs from your vehicle prior to the washing process.

YumCitrus has been developed for our customers to not only aid in the pre-wash process but to also boost other elements in the detailing journey, such as engine bay touch-ups, door jam cleaning and panel gap agitation.

  • Safe for use on clear coat finishes.
  • Can be widely used on a range of painted exterior surfaces.
  • Aids in the pre-wash process.
  • Can be used for door jam cleaning, engine bays, cleaning rubber, bug removal + more!
  • Can be diluted if required.

For best results, spray liberally over the entire vehicle before applying a thick blanket of YumFoam and allow to dwell.

Why is our citrus pre wash different to the rest? Firstly this is a totally bespoke formulation and you will not find one like this anywhere else. Also after doing long term raw material research we have found that the mainstream citrus cleaners have been found to have strengths as low as 3% whilst being priced at the top end of the spectrum.  Our raw content is 21%, meaning this is a heavily dilutable product or if used neat will tackle the most demanding of tasks. The remaining 79% is made up of other key water-based secret degreasers and cleaners this makes this product the strongest citrus pre-cleaner on the market to date!


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Additional Safety Information:

NOT for use on wrapped vehicles.

DO NOT use in extreme direct sunlight or allow the product to dry on the vehicle in hot temperatures.

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250ml, 500ml, 5 x 500ml, 10 x 500ml